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You may not have heard of us because we have concentrated our business with model builders. We started here because we have a better material for making templates than Mylar which was being used. Unlike Mylar, SEE TEMP. requires no tracing or drawing and is used directly over a plan or pattern and does not have to be cut completely through. However, you can draw on it with: a pencil, ball-point pen, or a permanent ink felt tip marker such as Sanford's Sharpie.

SEE TEMP. can be scored (cut about half way through) with a sharp modeling or utility knife. It is scored directly over your plan, pattern or blueprint. Then the template is broken-out and is used to duplicate parts from wood or other material. It is easy, accurate, quick, and plans or patterns are saved. You produce a template that can be used over and over again. One of our customer's has used his templates regularly for over 30 years (he is a model kit producer located in Madison, Wisconsin). The finished templates are easy to store along with plans and patterns.

SEE TEMP. is very stable and is only affected by extreme hot and cold fluctuations in temperature. This product should be stored flat at room temperature. The sheet dimensions are: 22 inches by 52 inches and is .011 inches thick. SEE TEMP. has a frosted finish on both sides and produces no glare. Many photographers have used SEE TEMP. as a backdrop because there is no bounce-back from flash.




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